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This is yet another role play community devoted to the hit anime show InuYasha. Managed by _eternal_snow_

| The tale of InuYasha |
InuYasha is the story of a half demon dog named InuYasha. Growing up as a half breed, InuYasha is neither human, nor demon and is trusted by neither.
InuYasha finally hears word of the Sacred Shikon no Tama, the Jewel of Four Souls. Created by an epic battle ages ago, this jewel has the power to grant anyone's dream. There is only one issue concering the Jewel...it is evil, and will make the desires of evil demons and sinful mortal hearts...
But alas, there is a woman in a small village who possesses the power to purify the evil jewel. And so, the Priestest, Kikyo, takes the Jewel within her possession...
Kikyo is not only a expert archer, but also a woman with a kind heart. Upon hearning word of a bandit in poor condition, Kikyo came to assist him.
Onigumno, the bandit, was thrown over a cliff. His fellow bandits told Kikyo that he was "thrown over the pits of Naraku. [Japanese for hell]" Kikyo found Onigumno and nursed his serious burns. Upon tasting a breath of kindness, Onigumno began to lust for the Priestest, but the woman;s heart was already taken by a kindred soul...
One who like her, could never take down his shell, could never show weakness, and because of this, was alone....InuYasha...
The crippled Onigumno gave into his sinful temptations and summon the demons. Giving his body as a feast, Onigumno traded his vessel for mobilataly. The theif and demon horde mearged to form the being Naraku...
Meanwhile, InuYasha and Kikyo fell in love. InuYasha wanted to use the power of the Jewel of Four Souls to become fully human and live the reast of his life with Kikyo, but something went wrong....
Naraku, using his newly found abilites in shape-shifting to attach Kikyo. Kikyo, thinking that InuYasha attacked him, fired an arrow to bind InuYasha to a tree...
The mortally wounded Kikyo took the Jewel of Four Souls with her to her grave, buring it with her remains.

Fifty years later....
The trees around InuYasha have been called the forest of InuYasha. With the disappearence of the Jewel of Four Souls, Naraku ventures off into the shadows.

A Leap into the Modern World....
Kikyo's soul is reborn into an adverage school girl Kagome. Kagome has a younger brother, mother, and grandfather. Her family lives together on her grandfather's shrine. One day, Kagome is near a well [later refered to as the bone eater's well] on her grandfather's shrine, and a mammoth cenetipede draws her into the well, taking her back to fifty years after InuYasha was pinned to the tree.

The feudal legend begins....
InuYasha's slumber was disturbed by Kagome's/Kikyo's scent. Kagome frees InuYasha and InuYasha defeats the cenepede. After doing so, InuYsaha attacks Kagome for the Jewel of Four Souls. Kikyo's younger sister sealed prayer beads around InuYasha's neck. The prayer beads made InuYasha hit the floor whenever Kagome yells 'sit boy.' InuYasha, now forced to obey Kagome, joins Kagome in guarding the Jewel of Four Souls.

The Jewel Shattered, Shards Created....
Shortly later, Kagome wanderes into the Forest of InuYasha to find the Bone eaters Well, and her way back home. She eventually loses the shard to a demonic crow. Fireing a bow, she hits the bird as well as hits the Jewel, shattering the Jewel and sending the shards into different parts of the globe....

The Journey....
InuYasha and Kagome team up to collect all shards of the Jewel of Four Souls...But they are not alone, Naraku is also out to gather the shards...His wish? To become full Demon, but he is not the only one...

Kagome and InuYasha gain allies along their journies. Sango, Shippo, and Miroku become allies as they unite...

The Characters

Most characters are available. Just contact me, and tell me which character you want to role play as and why. I am very flexable and will most likly take most who apply. However, I must look to see what is the best for the community...

Major Characters

1) InuYasha unforgiventak
2) Kagome lyris_avedis
3) Miroku crystalmirage
4) Sango neko_catriana
5) Shippo savannah_lynn
6) Naraku _eternal_snow_
7) Sesshomaru goldknight
8) Kikyo foreordained

Minor Characters
1) Rin sailorxmars
2) Jaken goldknight
3) Kirara neko_catriana
4) Myoga
5) Kouga
6) Kagura
7) Kanna
*Note* If I have missed or made any incorrect spellings, please contact me. I have currently no list, so I am going from memory, and I know that I have missed a lot. Thank you.

| Rules of the Role Play |

when joining, you agree to obey the rules. By not doing so, you character will be placed as an opening. Sorry for the disturbance.

1)All posts must be labeled as OOC if not a post for the role play.
2)Posting must be done at least once every two weeks, unless you explain of your absence.
3)There will be no sexual themed postings, or heated romances...I am of age, but not everyone within the community might be.
4)No OOC hate postings.
5)Postings must be over 175 words long. (sorry, but due to the delayed responce, they must be longer then what might be normally accepted within aol chat rooms.)
6)Try to keep within character's mind set. I.E. Naraku running up to InuYasha and hugging him... IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT!